Brushing your teeth is compulsory to maintain good oral health.

Brushing your teeth is compulsory to maintain good oral health. Brushing removes the bacteria that promote tooth decay and some plaque that can cause gum disease. You brush your teeth on a daily basis. But do you think you know the proper technique to do it? Here’s a simple brushing technique to keep your pearly whites and gums healthy:

Bass Brushing Technique

The key to preventing and controlling gum disease is brushing around and under the gumline where bacteria and plaque tend to accumulate. In the Bass method of brushing, the toothbrush bristles reach under the gums to scrub off plaque before it hardens into tartar and causes gum disease:

Place the toothbrush parallel to your teeth with the bristles toward the gums.

Tilt the brush to a 45 degree angle and move the bristles slightly under the gumline.

With firm but gentle pressure, and while maintaining the bristles under the gum tissue, wiggle or vibrate the brush back and forth or use a small circular motion 15 to 20 times, before moving to the next area. The brush should cover two to three teeth at a time.

Brush the entire outer surface of the teeth and then continue the same technique on the tongue side.

To brush the insides of the front teeth, hold the toothbrush in a vertical position and use the bristles on the toe of the brush, but make sure they are getting under the gum tissue.

Brush the chewing surface of the molar teeth and don’t forget your tongue.